Medical Information

N.Y. State Education Law requires a signed and dated certificate of Immunization from a physician or health clinic to be on record for each entering student. It is crucial that each student’s immunization record is uploaded and submitted BEFORE the start of the school year. Students without an immunization record on file will be unable to attend school in September.

Any child without documentation of the required immunizations will be excluded from school until such documentation is received.

Physical Exam
HALB ECC requires an exam performed and dated within the past one year is required for school entrance for each year. Exam forms should include most current height, weight and results of hearing and vision screenings performed.
Allergies and Asthma
In addition to entering all information in the Magnus Health parent portal, please alert your child’s teacher to food allergies or asthma as well. Asthma and Allergy Action plans are available to download on HALB’s website. Your physician’s forms are also acceptable and must be uploaded to the Magnus Health parent portal.

Contagious Illness
Any child with a contagious illness must be excluded from school. Please notify the office of such illnesses as chicken pox, strep throat, lice, flu, mononucleosis, and any other non-contagious significant illness.

No medication, including over-the-counter medications, can be given in school unless a medication permission form is filled out and signed by you and your doctor. Medication must be in a labeled prescription container. Tylenol and Advil can not be dispensed unless the Health Office has the student’s own personal bottle with their name on it!! All students requiring medications during school hours must inform the nurse.
Emergency Information
Please make sure to include all necessary emergency contacts as well as physician's name and phone number. Every effort will be made to contact you in the event of an emergency.
Please complete and upload all forms online in Magnus Health available in the Parent Portal.


Complete all sections online. We will no longer accept paper forms. You must upload your completed forms onto this portal.
Health and Medication blank forms are available in Magnus Health. We also accept your physician's printed Electronic signed Medical Record, however you still must scan and upload them to the portal. Please, do not submit photos of your health forms, they cannot be opened.

Technical Assistance
Please contact Magnus Health Support at (919) 502-7689

The HALB Lev Chana Health Office is open Monday through Friday during the school year. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. 

Lynn Grushko RN, BSN
School Nurse
Lev Chana ECC
[email protected]
516-374-7195 ext 121